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What's HIDSS ?

HIDSS is short for "Hidden Intelligent Defense Storage Systems". Providing Kansas City with personalized secure storage solutions for your vehicle, home and business. Using the latest technology we build customized one of a kind hidden storage systems. We are very discreet and highly confidential Kansas City based company.

HIDS Systems are a entirely new way of thinking about secured storage. The standard way is to store your valuables by locking them up in the most secure way possible. For centuries people have done so with moderate success and inconvenience. Any Law Enforcement Official will tell you that "if someone wants it bad enough they will find a way to get into just about any safe there is."

Accessibility is another one of the big problems you face when storing your defense systems and valuables. When you need to deploy it in a time of crises... well letís just say you will never get there before it is too late. When that moment comes, you will already have all your adrenaline rushing and are trying to focus on the situation. The last thing you need is to be fumbling around trying to open a safe or worse yet trying to figure out how to get to it when an intruder is coming, or exit during a fire.

Or maybe you need a place to carry your weapon in your car or motorcycle without it being detectable. While at the same time being able to deploy it at a momentís notice. You don't want it stolen from your vehicle while inside a business that doesn't allow firearms.

Whatever your situation may be, none of the traditional storage solutions are optimal. That is why we want to change the way you think and minimize the risk of having a thief steel all your valuables at once. Remember if they find your safe, they know all the goodies are in there...

Which brings us to the focus of our system. If they donít know itís there or canít find it, you have a better chance of protecting your valuables. What makes our system different than others or just hiding it under your bed, is the discreet  storage and deployment method. We combine intelligent locking/monitoring with fast access deployment technology into a personalized system designed just for you. We utilize various types of mechanical, hydraulic, and motorized deployment method. Giving you the edge needed in an emergency situation. While at the same time the peace of mind knowing that your system will not deploy without your phoneapp.gif (75473 bytes) approval. 

This is accomplished with the use of biometric fingerprint readers, remotes controls, WiFi access, or secret hidden access points. We can even install a complete monitoring and control system that works with your smart phone over the internet.  

Each HIDS System we build is a one of a kind. We will meet with you and design a personalized system customized to meet your specific needs. So now that you understand the need for complete discretion and confidentiality. We do not provide references or lists of our customers. This is to protect them and their privacy. We do not wear uniforms or have any HIDDS markings on our trucks that may be seen by your neighbors. We will be disguised as a AC repairman/handyman when working in your home. This is for your protection and ours. You will be provided with a complete detailed bid of exactly what you will be getting. 

Whether itís a single item deployment system or a entire hidden room. We can install a HIDS System that suites your needs. We can even hid an entire motorcycle in plain sight.

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